About the Eggenipa project


The company Eggenibberåsa AS was established with the goal of facilitating nature-based activity and upgrading mountain trails on and around the Eggenipa mountain. The peak of Eggenipa today has a visitor count of approx. 1,500 per year. As a result, the trail has suffered great wear. With the Eggenibberåsa project, we want to prevent this by building a sustainable, environmentally-friendly trail. Eggenibberåsa AS is a zero-profit company that operates on a voluntary basis.

Our goal is to build a sustainable, environmentally-friendly path that does not damage nature during construction or use.

Scheduled startup is in 2020, with targets for completion in 2022.

  • Mt. Eggenipa will be able to withstand more traffic in safe forms.

  • The project will put the region on the map as a destination for nature-based tourism.

  • The project will create synergies with other nature- and outdoor-based offerings in the area.


The path from the main road (E39) to the top of Eggenipa is approx. 4.65 km long and has an height difference of approx. 1,180 meters.

On the upper half to the summit, Nepalese Sherpas will work to make the trail sustainable and safe. The Sherpa trail will have a total length of 500 meters.


We wish to invite businesses and individuals to invest in this this project.

You can choose one of these options:

• Buy shares in the company Eggenibberåsa AS (NOK 1000, -)

• Make a contribution as a gift

• Become our sponsor


Register your interest at eggenipa.no here

Or contact us:

  • Bjarte Heggheim,

  • Phone: +47 99 71 44 74

  • e-mail: eggenipa@breim.no

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